Recapping the SMP’s inaugural football season

With Georgia’s 33-18 win over Alabama yesterday in the National Championship game, the 2021-2022 college football season and the inaugural season of the Student Media Poll has officially come to a close. 

It was a year that will go down in history:

  • The University of Georgia won its first national championship since 1980. 
  • An Unranked Texas A&M led by backup quarterback Zack Calzada stunned then #1 Alabama in College Station.
  • Jim Harbaugh earned his first victory against Ohio State as Michigan head coach in the Wolverines’ first win against the Buckeyes since 2011.
  • Desmond Ritter and Cincinnati became the darlings of the college football world running the table in the regular season with wins over the likes of Notre Dame and Houston before becoming the first non-Power 5 team to gain admittance to the College Football Playoff.

While 2021 may have been a historic year on the gridiron, it was just as momentous for the Student Media Poll and voting journalists that compose it:

  • In the 2021-2022 season the Student Media Poll had 124 members providing football coverage for schools across the country in every major conference, including representatives from all four finalists in the 2022 College Football Playoff

Ashlee Woods-University of Alabama/The Crimson White

Jack Duffey-University of Georgia/The Red and Black

Daniel Dash-University of Michigan/The Michigan Daily

Owen RacerUniversity of Cincinnati/The News Record

  • This season saw the Student Media Poll produce three new podcasts with Back 2 Maction, from Christian Booher (Central Michigan University) and Jack Gleckler (Ohio University), Student SECtion with Jack Duffey (University of Georgia) and Michael Hull (University of Florida) and the flagship Student Media Poll Podcast with Patrick Felts (Indiana University)
  • Jack Duffey will also join the Student Media Poll’s Leadership team overseeing the newly created Student Media Poll Podcast Network in addition to hosting Student SECtion.
  • The SMP was operated by Patrick Felts (Founder and Director, Indiana University), Jackson Janes (Associate Director of Polling Operations, University of Illinois) and Colin Wright (Assistant Director of Media Operations, Indiana University) in its inaugural season.
  • New members of the Leadership Team include J.J. Post (University of Notre Dame), Jack Duffey (University of Georgia) Ashlee Woods (University of Alabama) and Ryan Haley (University of Florida). 
  • The SMP Newsletter on Substack began in December. The weekly newsletter highlights work published by SMP journalists, as well as the latest polls and news from the organization.

We are beyond proud of the work we as an organization have accomplished over the past football season and cannot wait to see what 2022 and beyond has in store. 

See you in September, 

– Patrick Felts, Founder and Director

-Colin Wright, Assistant Director for Media Operations

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