FB: Georgia claims No. 1 after CFP Championship victory over Alabama

For the first time since 1980, Georgia are college football champions.

Following the Bulldogs’ 33-18 victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide, they finish the SMP’s inaugural season as No. 1.

Alabama, Michigan and Cincinnati, CFP finalists, round out the top four.

122 Georgia55014-1 (8-0)+3
2Alabama52813-2 (7-1)-1
3Michigan49412-2 (8-1)-1
4Cincinnati47813-1 (8-0)-1
5Ohio State46011-2 (8-1)+2
T-6Baylor42912-2 (7-2)+3
T-6Oklahoma State42912-2 (8-1)-1
8Notre Dame36011-2-3
9Michigan State35011-2 (7-2)+3
10Oklahoma34411-2 (7-2)+4
11Mississippi33710-3 (6-2)-3
12Utah33010-4 (8-1)-1
13Pitt29511-3 (7-1)-3
14Louisiana20713-1 (8-0)+2
15Clemson20110-3 (6-2)+6
16Wake Forest19311-3 (7-1)+2
17Houston17812-2 (8-0)+2
18Kentucky16910-3 (5-3)+6
19Arkansas1409-4 (4-4)+4
20NC State1319-3 (6-2)-3
21Oregon12410-4 (7-2)-6
23San Diego State6612-2 (7-1)NR
24Iowa5810-4 (7-2)-4
25Wisconsin468-4 (4-4)NR

Dropped out: UTSA (22), Texas A&M (25)

Receiving Votes: Texas A&M (41), Minnesota (23), Purdue (19), Utah State (18), UTSA (13), UAB (9), South Carolina (4), Air Force (3), Coastal Carolina (2), Army (1), Central Michigan (1), Kansas State (1)

Published by Colin Kulpa

Colin Kulpa is a student at Indiana University, and Editor in Chief of the Indiana Daily Student, one of the nation's premiere student news outlets.

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