FB Week 11: Oklahoma drops from top five, Alabama moves to No. 2

Georgia stayed a unanimous No. 1 in this week’s SMP football poll. A projected playoff would feature No. 1 Georgia vs. No. 4 Ohio State and No. 2 Alabama vs. No. 3 Cincinnati

127 Georgia67510-0 (8-0)
2Alabama6229-1 (5-1)+1
3Cincinnati62010-0 (6-0)-1
4Ohio State5989-1 (7-0)+1
5Oregon5759-1 (6-1)+1
T-6Notre Dame5109-1+1
T-6Michigan5109-1 (6-1)+1
8Michigan State5079-1 (6-1)+1
9Oklahoma State4429-1 (6-1)+2
10Mississippi4038-2 (4-2)+2
11Wake Forest3829-1 (6-0)+2
12Baylor3728-2 (5-2)+7
13Oklahoma3409-1 (6-1)-9
14UTSA30610-0 (6-0)
T-16Texas A&M2187-3 (4-3)-6
T-16Houston2189-1 (7-0)+2
18Iowa2168-2 (5-2)-1
19Pitt1918-2 (5-1)+3
20Wisconsin1797-3 (5-2)+3
21Louisiana1119-1 (7-0)+4
22San Diego State1029-1 (5-1)NR
23NC State927-3 (4-2)-3
24Utah587-3 (6-1)NR
25Arkansas577-3 (3-3)NR

Dropped out: Auburn (16), Coastal Carolina (20), Purdue (24)

Receiving Votes: SMU (42), Mississippi State (37), Kentucky (26), Auburn (16), Kansas State (16), Appalachian State (12), Coastal Carolina (10), Clemson (8), Arizona State (4), Utah State (3), Purdue (1)

Published by Colin Kulpa

Colin Kulpa is a student at Indiana University, and Editor in Chief of the Indiana Daily Student, one of the nation's premiere student news outlets.

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