J.J. Post – The Observer, One Foot Down, Bucky’s Fifth Quarter

J.J. Post is a sophomore at Notre Dame, hailing from Mountainside, New Jersey. Writing for ND’s student newspaper The Observer, OneFootDown.com and Buckys5thQuarter.com, J.J. also has “an on-and-off, open relationship” with The Daily Cardinal, the student paper he wrote at during his days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. When not discussing college football, J.J. can be found screaming in the stands of various New Jersey sports stadiums and passionately ranting about college soccer.

Fun facts: J.J. is the (self-proclaimed) best spikeball player on the Jersey Shore. There is no official evidence to support or discredit this statement.

Twitter: @JayJayPost

Stories: https://www.buckys5thquarter.com/2021/4/19/22392594/wisconsin-badgers-womens-soccer-iowa-hawkeyes-big-ten-ncaa-tournament-bubble


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