Tanner Haworth – ESPN Honolulu, Ka Leo O Hawaii

Tanner Haworth is a third-year student at the University of Hawaii-Manoa and the former sports editor at Ka Leo O Hawaii. He’s taking a quick break from school, but he will be back on the writing block in spring. Born and raised in Manoa, he also works at ESPN Honolulu as a board operator and gives his input from time to time on the Bobby Curran Show.

Fun facts: He played football for the Punahou Buff ‘N Blu and had a mean block on former No. 1 recruit in Hawaii, Faatui Tuitele. Best player he blocked for? Dillon Gabriel. He also has won his family fantasy league 7 years in a row.

Twitter: @HaworthTanner

Stories: https://www.manoanow.org/search/?l=25&sort=relevance&f=html&t=article%2Cvideo%2Cyoutube%2Ccollection&app=editorial&nsa=eedition&q=tanner+haworth

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