Emma Healy – The Heights

Emma Healy is the sports editor of The Heights, the independent student newspaper at Boston College, a position she has held since December 2019. Now a junior, she has spent time covering football, men’s hockey, and women’s lacrosse, as well as the majority of BC’s 28 other varsity sports. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Emma is a diehard Browns fan and outspoken lover of the midwest.

Fun facts: “One of my stories (“Guy’s Game Winner Leads Eagles To Season Sweep Of Notre Dame”) was named a 2020 ACP Story of the Year Honorable Mention. I am a student in the Honors Communication program with minors in marketing and Chinese. In high school, I was the first and only girl to compete on the varsity football team.”

Twitter: @_EmmaHealy_

Stories: https://www.bcheights.com/archive.php/author/emma-healy/

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